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Tesla Chromotherapy

What is Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to cure various diseases. We have undertaken a critical analysis of chromotherapy and documented its scientific evolution to date. A few researchers have tried to discover the underlying scientific principles, but without quantitative study. Sufficient published material can be found about the subject that provides a complete system of treatment focused on the treatment methodologies and healing characteristics of colors. A number of studies have elaborated the relationship between the human body and colors. We also show the possibility of carrying out diverse research into chromotherapy that is pertinent to deciphering the quantum mechanical dipole moment of water molecules. The quantum mechanical dipole moment as a result of the absorption of different colors, we conjecture, produces charge quantization phenomena. This review illustrates that the development of science in the field of electromagnetic radiation/energy can be very helpful in discovering new dimensions of this old theory.


Research into the energy field produced by Helium suggests that it is useful for dealing with issues of tension, headaches and migraine. It has also been found to be useful for energy lift, insomnia and to accelerate repair to the body from trauma (e.g., sprains, bruises, dislocations etc.).

Tension Headaches and Migraine

If an 8 oz glass of water is exposed to the helium energy field by placing the glass of water on top of the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #2 for approximately  15 minutes, and that water is thereafter consumed, the consumer will experience relief from the headache within 25 minutes for the majority of cases where the headache is related to tension or stress. If the relief is only partial, repeat the exercise described above for complete relief. It is noted that any consumable medium that is water based can be used in this exercise, as long as it is not carbonated. The explanation for this is that energy may be trapped in the lower part of the body and cannot be released out the top of the head through the Crown Chakra.  The Helium in the water seems to be able to move through the blood and open up that Chakra.  Some researchers have had interesting results with that in a number of cases of previously incurable migraines. However, as a general rule, it has been observed that headaches resulting from hangovers, hormonal imbalances or other chemicals and impurities, that they are more resistant to the helium field. They are however usually somewhat partially relieved.

Energy Lift

Other researchers have shown that when water that has been exposed to the helium energy beam is consumed, and there is no headache or migraine, there is a lift in energy.


Another use for the Helium energy is in using the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #2 itself.  When left under or on the floor next to the bed, many with insomnia have found they can get a much more deeper and refreshing sleep with the device. However, this varies from person to person and it is important for the individual to moderate it. If the field is too strong, or the device is too close to them, they can have difficulty waking up or they'll wake up feeling groggy. The idea is to find the right blend. Try different distances from the bed. In some cases, this could mean placing the device in the next room or even several rooms away, depending on how you are affected. Deeper, more refreshing sleep can be very helpful in a number of conditions. As the body repairs itself in sleep, Helium in the sleep state appears to accelerate the repair of trauma to the body, like sprains, dislocations, bruises, etc. different distances from the bed.

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Case Studies

  • Pure Helium: See Case Study 1
  • Helium used in Various Mixes: Case Study 2 and Case Study 6


Research into the energy field produced by Neon seems to suggest that it is especially useful for dealing with issues relating to lower abdominal area that do not originate from pathogenic organisms. One researcher says "This seems to be extremely helpful for quite a number of people that I'veworked with for digestion and energies that have to do with the Root Chakra."

The chakra at the base of the spine is responsible for sustaining energy to the major organs in that region including the kidneys, bladder, reproductive tract and the spine. In individuals where there has been previous physical trauma or disorder in this region which has generally healed, they will be predisposed to a blocked energy flow in this region, especially when they experience mental or emotional stress. When the most common disorders of lower abdominal pain have been ruled out, this is the time to try Neon using Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #3.

Using Neon to alleviate lower abdominal problems

As with the helium device, water is a perfect medium for carrying the neon beam energy. By exposing 8 oz water or some other non-carbonated water based medium to the neon beam for 15 minutes ( e.g., by placing it on top of or above the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #3, and then consuming that liquid, symptoms and issues relating to the imbalance can be relieved. It should be noted that for those treating gastro-intestinal complications such as ulcers and the like that they should avoid using orange or tomato juice as such mediums can exacerbate the situation.

Neon also seems to reverse the feeling of being spaced-out, and has a grounding affect because of its connection to grounding energy.

Some researchers have made interesting observations with people suffering from various viral complaints, including cytomegalo virus (CMV)and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). With the inert gas Neon there is some beneficial effect by increasing energy to the Root Chakra, which seems to improve the immune system, helping to destroy some of these invading organisms.

With Neon the reproductive system also seems to be assisted. There are a number of cases of individuals having difficulty with conception using Neon in combination with Xenon for improving the function of various parts of the regenerative system of the body. This affects both potency for men, and for women the ability to get pregnant. In another case, one woman with cervical cancer used a device containing Neon with a little bit of Helium, so that her sleep would go very well. After four months she had a biopsy and they said no more cancer (note Natures Energies does not endorse any alternative medicine products for treating cancer).

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Case Studies

• Pure Neon: See Case Study 2
• Neon used in Various Mixes: Case Study 6


Investigations into the use of Argon and Krypton have revealed that they are useful in the destruction of negative thought forms, specifically those that do not use bacterial or viral projections. One of our more popular selling devices is Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device # 10 for Destruction of Negative Thought Forms.

The device contains both Argon and Krypton, Argon for dealing with thought forms created in the current lifetime, and Krypton for dealing with thought forms created in past lives which we are still present within us. This device is one of our more popular selections. When using this device, the world seems a happier place. Families and homes have a much happier feel to them.

About Negative Thought Forms

"Thought-forms are aetheric energy patterns which arise through man's misuse of thought and
emotion. More specifically, any negative emotion like hatred, grief, resentment, worry or self pity will project onto the aether a pattern which is vibrationally at the same level as the emotion. These thought-forms, if intense enough, tend to be attracted back to the bodies of their originators, with the result that the forms end up connected in some manner with one or more of the major organs or systems of the body. From this installed position, the thought-forms proceed to alter the structure or function of the associated body part, and some kind of chronic imbalance, disease or affliction typically results."  Maurice B Cooke, Other Kingdoms, Marcus Books 1981

Jon Fox, a researcher of the inert gas devices states on his site "One concept of negative thoughtforms is that they are ideas or programming, like a tape that runs over and over in us, which form in the aetheric body. As it is held there it tends to be problematic for us. We may do psychological work or other clearing, but we still have those aetheric constructs that we have to deal with. By the use of, particularly, the inert gases Krypton and especially Argon, we're finding we can rapidly clear those negative thought forms in people. Now if somebody is not doing psychological work to help get at the reason they put the thought form there in the first place, the device will simply be a stop-gap measure, a band-aid. The person will usually reconstruct the negative thought form within a short period after using the device - it could be as little as an hour, but typically, it is three days. We've noticed that with Argon the various thought forms from this lifetime are the ones that are generally affected. For thought forms from past lifetimes, Krypton seems to be indicated. It is very easy to determine if Krypton is indicated. If particular physical complaints or difficulties they're having have a very unusual quality, such as if they say "I have this pain only at night and only in my left shoulder right here." To me, the image comes up that they got shot with an arrow in a past life at night or perhaps some similar past-life vision. But whatever the particular ideology, it seems as if Krypton seems to be very helpful in various patterns that don't necessarily relate to things that people are aware of from this lifetime, nor that they have consciousness about." Jon Fox, Hilarion Channeler.  For more information regarding negative thought forms, see the section titled The Theory of Disease.
It should be noted that when a disease producing thought form is dislodged or destroyed, that there is a strong likelihood that as a result of the body eliminating physical toxins associated with the prior thought form, that there will be a tenderness or soreness around the diseased area. The soreness usually clears in 2-4 days, after which improvement is usually noticed.

The Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #10 is useful in dealing with arthritis. Researchers of previous devices have found that the Argon/Krypton combination has the ability to destroy the arthritic thought form that causes toxin accumulation in the painful joints. It should be noted however that if the victim does not recognize their own contribution to the disease from a hardened attitude towards another person, a subject or a situation in their life that they have acquired a habit of thinking, then symptoms will not be relieved permanently. They must consciously correct these thoughts in themselves. Again there will be soreness in the early stages of treatment as toxins are eliminated. Researchers have suggested to expose arthritis sufferers for about one hour a day for a week. The Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #10 has also been shown to be effective in dealing with rashes.

Using argon by itself with the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #4 seems to assist with energy in the solar plexus and energy having to do with our own understanding of self-empowerment. Some people also report improved sleep. This isn't so much for insomniacs, but people who may perhaps be journeying out-of-the-body so much that they need to be right in their body while they're nourishing themselves in sleep.

Click here to view 100% Pure Argon Gas Inert Gas Device Unit.
Case Studies

• Pure Argon: See Case Study 3, Case Study 5, Case Study 8, Case Study 9 and Case Study 10
• Argon used in Various Mixes: Case Study 4, Case Study 6 and Case Study 7


Besides having the past life negative thought form destruction characteristics described in the section on Argon, Krypton seems to improve psychic abilities. People who use it regularly will generally notice things happening in the Third Eye region between the eyebrows. According to Hilarion, the Channeled guidance through Jon Fox has indicated that it might be helpful for epilepsy. There have been several cases treated successfully but again these are only anecdotal cases. In one case, a female epileptic dropped her level of Dilantin in half. In another case, a man was able to go off Dilantin completely, and has had no drugs or seizures since. It has now been two years! Both these cases were achieved through use of an inert gas homoeopathic complex which was made up to 3x potency, as described on the web site.

Krypton seems to improve brain function, memory and concentration. It balances what is happening at a psychic level with the conscious level. Since epilepsy appears to be an out-of-phase condition between the different lobes of the brain, Krypton's ability to enhance brain function would certainly seem to help.

As well as having the ability to break down negative thought forms, the result with Argon and
Krypton together tends to be meditative in quality. They tend to clear the energy in a room, because of the production of more aetheric substance. This tends to have the effect of what might be termed aether clearing. Improved ability of individuals to communicate with each other telepathically, to work at more psychic levels is usually noticed.

Krypton by itself seems to associate itself quite a bit with psychic abilities and the ability to perceive other dimensions - auric vision, in particular. Some people use it purely for third eye development, as reported in the book Other Kingdoms by Maurice B Cooke. It has also had reported benefits for joint pain. Others use the krypton device for clearing and cleansing their crystals of unwanted energies. Click here to view 100% Pure Krypton Gas Inert Gas Device Unit.

Case Studies

• Pure Krypton: See Case Study 3, Case Study 5, and Case Study 6
• Krypton used in Various Mixes: Case Study 4, and Case Study 6


Researchers have found a clear pattern that has emerged through applying the xenon gas beam to patients, and that is regenerating worn, wasted or degenerated tissues of all kinds. The body is quite capable of knitting broken bones, healing open cuts and eliminating viruses bacteria etc., but it will not undertake tasks of a cosmetic nature, such as converting scar tissue to normal skin, regrowth of lost fingers, arms and the like. The body is capable of regenerating tissue completely, but in many cases this is interfered with by:

  •      •  disease thought forms
         •  habits of eating and living that strain the bodily energy reserves that dissuade it from
  •         tackling any tissue reconstruction project not essential to its survival

As an example, in one case study, a patient had a worn hip joint that had a negative thought form associated with it. The thought form was eliminated using krypton gas, and then regeneration was undertaken using xenon gas to restructure and repair the worn or missing tissues in a relatively short time (bones and teeth take the longest times to regenerate up to 6 months).

Typically Xenon is mixed with various other gases to focus on particular parts of the body. There are some cases of people who have regenerated hips and improved their backs. Here we generally use Krypton mixed with the Xenon (Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #12), as it seems to help bone and skin. But for blood engorged organs, for parts of the body where blood is used, then we usually mix Argon with the Xenon (Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #13). For the regenerative system, we use Neon mixed with Xenon (Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #14). Lastly, a combination of Xenon with small amounts of Argon and Krypton (Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #15) seems to be very helpful for lungs. When a healthy individual is exposed to it, they typically experience something very similar to being around a negative ion machine: deeper breathing, and a feeling of lightness and increased energy.

Click here to view 100% Pure Xenon Gas Inert Gas Device Unit.

Case Studies

• Pure Xenon: See Case Study 6
• Xenon used in Various Mixes: Case Study 6, and Case Study 7

Finding it hard to determine what the right inert gas device is for you?

One can use 2 or more of each of the pure gas devices or combine different ones together as in the suggested mixtures shown on this page. Jon Fox from recommends individuals sensitive to energies to start with the pure or nearly pure inert gas devices one at a time until the energy becomes more familiar. We recommend that you start with the Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11 as it is probably the most effective combination for dealing with many issues at once. It contains the argon/krypton blend for releasing and dissolving negative thought-forms. This is a favorite of many; when using this it seems that ones world is much happier place." We believe as the thought forms have been removed from the gases and the magnetics greatly improved that Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #11 is suitable for all people. It contains a blend of 20% Xenon (for tissue regeneration and regrowth), 20% Argon and 20% Krypton (to destroy negative thought form attachments, considered by some as the basis to some forms of disease ( as discussed in the Argon article above), 20% Helium (to assist with sleep), and 20% Neon for lower chakra issues). Inert gas devices contain noble gases under high pressure which when exposed to magnetic stimulation can be used in alternative medicine healing. Compressed inert gases which are exposed to magnetic or electrical fields have been observed to result in biological effects.

Inert gas beaming devices have been around now for well over 30 years, and they are considered by many who use them as incredible evolutionary devices for achieving rapid healing in biological matter. Despite some great observations that have been made in applying these devices to specific cases of disease and pain, they are not accepted by the scientific or medical communities due to the lack of understanding in the mechanism by which they work. They work on the basis of a magnetic field being applied to an inert gas or combination of inert gases under high pressure, which results in a beam or energy ray that delivers concentrated ether energy, which can in tum be used therapeutically.

Natures Energies have developed a new range of inert gas devices that are considered a lot more effective when compared to any other devices ever made due to alterations in energy properties of the gases used, and modifications to the magnetic devices that run them. From a scientific view point, it is the ether (or AEther) where the scientific community has an issue but maybe it is not clearly understood. Modem scientific theory on matter is becoming exposed in the Large Hadron Collider experiments in Switzerland, which may reveal an energy ether ( and not an antiquated particle theory once thought). In fact ether may be confused with modem scientific theory of Dark Energy, which forms the basis of all matter and energy in the Universe. We discuss the mechanism by which these incredible devices work below.

What can the Inert Gas Devices Do?

The Inert Gas Therapy Beaming Devices available through Natures Energies can achieve many things. The list below is a shortened list of some things that they can achieve:

   •  Regeneration and regrowth of bodily tissues (e.g., regrowth of teeth, hips, bone, skin and

      other bodily parts)
   •  Recovery and removal of scar tissue
   •  Increased recovery time from injury (e.g., sprains, dislocations, bruises etc)
   •  Relief of some viruses (e.g., cytomegalo virus (CMV))
   •  Relief from chronic fatigue syndrome
   •  Positive effects for some people with cancer
   •  Positive effects for some people with epilepsy
   •  Alleviates pain from common diseases
   •  Provides relief from headaches and migraines
   •  Stimulated psychic ability
   •  Significant relief from insomnia
   •  Release of attachments and negative thought forms
   •  Improved immunity, grounding ability and energy levels
   •  Improved memory
   •  Improved athletic performance

Read the articles below as there are many things that are not included in the above list.

Important Medical Disclaimer
Not intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for self-education and research purposes only.
Note that we are not medical doctors, and that we are not making any medical claims for the inert gas devices. We can only discuss the anecdotal experiences that others have experienced with them. Much of the content on this page is based on the work of Jon Fox from the commentaries of Laurance Johnston, Ph.D. in dealing with spinal cord injuries, as well as the book Einstein doesn't work here any more -A Treatise on the New Science by Maurice Cooke. It makes interesting reading explaining the theory of inert gas devices in complete detail, how to construct the devices, as well as case histories compiled over a period of 7 years.

All observations from all researchers in this field are based on anecdotal evidence, and are not supported by statistical blind placebo studies. The same applies to the inert gas devices available through Natures Energies.

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