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Restoring Vitality Through Meridian Stress Assessment (biofeedback),
PEMF Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath Detoxes & More!

PEMF Therapy is also offered as a solution to aches and pains,
increasing mobility as well as general detoxification.

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We've heard so many wonderful stories from so many people on how our aloe-based products have improved overall skin health, we want to share L'BRI with everyone, everywhere!

Miscellaneous Products

More great products from Reitz Natural Remedies.

Energy medicine is growing in popularity, but it is far from new. Bioenergetic Medicine Theory is based on the time-tested principals of ancient Chinese medicine and bioenergetic technology is the coming together of advanced scientific and technological understanding, and ancient Chinese medicine practices.

Throat Spray 2 fl. oz.

A spray for irritated throats & hoarseness. Designed to provide immediate & long-term relief.

High Delivery Acidophilus

14 Billion total count of 8 friendly bacteria to restore healthy flora to your digestive tract.

Silver Gel 8 fl. oz.

A soothing topical gel combining biologics to support the health of your skin. Use daily for healthier skin. 

Colloidal Minerals

32 fl. oz.

Supplies necessary vitamin & mineral to the body. It helps with fatigue, muscle weakness, pain & inflammation, poor circulation, memory loss, skin conditions, weakened immune system, indigestion, headaches & insomnia caused from vitamin & mineral deficiencies. 

Thieves Toothpaste, Household Cleaner & Handsoap 

Toothpaste: Essential oil toothpaste boasts a minty flavor & fresh breath.

Cleaner: Naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, it provides exceptional home cleaning.

Hand soap: Thieves, Lemon & Orange essential oils make an effective alternative to harsh synthetic soaps.

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