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Halo Ultra Blue

The Ultra Blue

The HALO ULTRA BLUE System features a new, state-of-the-art high power violet light device that no longer requires being shut off for diode cooling. This represents a quantum leap forward in HALO light technology and provides the ease and convenience for which HALO Systems have become famous. We are pleased to announce this unique portable System as the next leap forward in the HALO legacy!

HALO Harmonic Light Devices - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I explain HALO ULTRA BLUE Harmonics Systems?
A: As light photons pass through the vial(s)/tube(s) containing botanical extracts they pick up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmit the photon and botanical energies into the body where the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present.

All the positive benefits of photon or light therapy combine with the power of active botanicals to produce excellent treatment results.

Q: Why does HALO utilize violet wavelengths?
A: Violet carries more harmonic energy on its wavelengths than other light wavelengths. HALO light devices infuse massive amounts of harmonics into the body and into water during water charging. This accelerates numerous energy reactions and is why HALO is lightning fast and incredibly effective. The diodes used in HALO applications emit 405 nm "violet" light.

Q: How long should each session be performed?
A: That depends on the circumstances and the clinical presentation. Many conditions require only 30 - 45 seconds of light exposure time with individual systems. The longest therapy time would be about 2 minutes. If necessary, repeat a session within 1-2 hours. This allows the body to assimilate and process the harmonic energies introduced. In most cases, 4-6 applications a day are sufficient for the body to receive the benefits of HALO therapy. However, you may certainly perform as many as needed.

Q: How do I charge/structure water?
A: Start with the HALO WS vial and shine the light directly on the open water surface 5-7 seconds for every 16-20 fluid oz. Repeat the same procedure with the vials recommended in your protocol or instructions in turn to charge the water.

The HALO charged water can be used for: drinking, cooking, and brewing tea or coffee and any other consumable water use. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day. However, don’t force yourself; let the Spirit guide you in how much water to drink on a daily basis.

Q: Is it possible to overuse the light device, thereby causing harm to the body?
A: The HALO Systems light devices, with the glass vial in place, will not burn, blister, or in any way injure the skin or cause any harm. Again, never shine the light directly into eyes or off highly reflective materials into the eyes. A treatment, in one bodily area, should only require about 30 - 45 seconds of light exposure. More than that will not harm, but probably will not enhance the overall results. Allow 1 - 2 hours in between sessions for the body to process the harmonic energies introduced.

Q: Will using a light device on a pregnant woman harm the fetus?
A: Understand that all of these answers relate only to our light device systems and not any competitors’ models. There should never be a reason to employ a light device directly over a pregnant woman’s frontal midsection. We advise against this. Performing a treatment anywhere removed from direct frontal midsection will cause no injury whatsoever. For example, if the woman is suffering from low to mid-back pain, treat the area as usual. The light will diffuse within the muscular and joint tissues before reaching the fetus. Also, amniotic fluid acts as a light diffuser but always remember to use common sense. Also remember that our guiding directive is “Do No Harm”. Any other bodily areas away from frontal mid-section, or directly over the eyes, are safe for our photo-botanical treatment systems.

Q: What is the depth of penetration of a standard light-generating device?
A: The accepted depth of penetration capacity of the light emitted from modern light generating devices depends on its specific wavelength and light intensity, but, on average, the penetration is about 3 – 6 cm (1 – 2 inches.). The majority of photons are absorbed in the first few millimeters. As the photons pass through the skin, the more superficial tissues absorb them, thus reducing the number of photons that reach deeper layers. However, as photons enter the body, they create a powerful physiological effect by inducing local metabolic changes and the creation of secondary messengers. Secondary messengers are molecules that relay signals received at receptors on the cell surface that target molecules on the cell membrane and within the nucleus of the cell to modify physiological and genetic information.

Secondary messengers also serve to greatly amplify the strength of the photonic-botanical signals causing important beneficial changes in the biochemical activities within the cell. Thus, as the effect of the photons diminishes with increasing depth, the physiological effects rapidly multiply, creating the possibility of a profound local and systemic effect. This is how photonic-botanical energies quickly create systemic effects.
It was Dr. Endre Mester’s experiments in 1966–67 that first documented the widespread, systemic effect of light therapy. Serving as a professor of surgery in Hungary, Dr. Mester performed a series of revolutionary experiments that first documented the healing effects of high-energy light devices. In his earliest study, he discovered that tissue growth was accelerated with light (photon) therapy. His later experiments documented not only improved healing with photon therapy, but also demonstrated that the healing was a systemic and not a local phenomenon. His work stimulated many other researchers in Europe and Eastern Europe to appreciate the value of light therapy long before it was appreciated in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

HALO Light Therapy does not rely on light alone as do all other light therapies. HALO Light Therapy transmits light through vials of botanical and amino acid blends. The light photons then carry the vibrational energies of these components into the body where the body then uses the energies in a myriad of ways to promote a number of positive reactions.

Q: Does the HALO Systems harmonics botanical light treat, heal or cure?
A: Without getting into legalities or semantics, the light device carries photonic energy and the vibrational harmonic energies of the botanical solutions into the body. The cells react to both the photon energy and the vibrational harmonics of the botanicals; the cells themselves bring about any healing effect(s). The cells receive photon and botanical energy from our unique & patented process & utilize this energy in the healing processes. As expressed previously, there are many factors that influence the body’s healing responses including age, diet, exercise, general health, lifestyle factors, stress, etc. It would be accurate to state that the light/photons and botanicals do not heal, cure, etc., rather the body itself is the miracle. The body utilizes the supplied energies from this and other sources to aid in its healing processes.

Q: Is it OK to carry the light devices onboard an aircraft?
A: If you desire to carry a system with you, we would advise purchasing a HALO ULTRA BLUE System for its portability. Regarding the HALO ULTRA BLUE System, it is legal and acceptable to carry aboard an aircraft but when going through the security check make sure to place your device(s) in the plastic tub with your laptop, loose change, personal items, etc. The TSA will pull you aside for additional screening about 50% of the time. The TSA agent will usually ask, “What are these?” Your best response would be, “This is a therapy device”. Then they will swipe down the light device(s) and the case in which you keep them to check for explosive residue. Then you’re on your way. DO NOT DEMO OR BEAM THE LIGHT DEVICE INSIDE THE AIRCRAFT, OR USE IT IN ANY WAY WHILE WITHIN THE AIRCRAFT. Again, use common sense when using light devices and know when not to use them.

Q: How do I explain the HALO photonic/botanical light therapy? What are the three main benefits they might expect to receive?
A: The HALO Systems act like massive harmonic engines to infuse the body with the light/botanical harmonic energies. The majority of patients/clients’ experience:

1. Pain reduction or elimination within seconds in most cases.
2. A feeling of relief, stress reduction and a calming sensation immediately post session lasting from 6 to 12 hours and often longer.
3. A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality that can last for days.

The amazing thing about the HALO Systems is the increase in overall perceived “wellness” and added vitality, not just the reduction or elimination of pain.

A2: The photonic/botanical harmonic energies stimulate ATP production within the cells and increase intercellular communication. The body has unique mechanisms that know what to do with these energies and how best to incorporate these energies to expedite energy distribution and healing throughout the body.

Q: How long do the vials last or how many sessions are the botanicals good for?
A: Vials that were created 15 years ago are just as viable today as the day they were originally made. One might assume that the botanical vials will last beyond 10 years.

Q: The majority of patients experience instantly noticeable results. However, a few of my patients don’t experience those instant results. Why is this?
A: Employ harmonically energized water immediately to your patient/client protocols and within 24 hours you will observe a profound difference. Charged water protocols are a major part of HALO therapy. Charged water provides the proper media to conduct the HALO harmonic energies from cell to cell via electro-magnetic transduction.

Q: What ingredients are in each of the vials or what are the formulas that are in each of the vials?
A: The botanical formulas are highly proprietary and have been developed over several years. Reading the ingredients listed in this User Manual would provide one with an idea of what is used in the various vials.

Q: I used the HALO System on a person suffering with either neuropathy, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. They experienced a burning or itching sensation where the light struck the body and sometimes in other bodily areas. What caused this to happen?
A: Phototherapy has been proven to improve intercellular communication and the System vials were formulated to help the neurons begin to regenerate by providing the energies to start the healing processes. It appears that as this improved communication and healing starts to take place that a feeling of heat is generated through the nerve channels. This would appear to be a very positive indicator that the healing process has begun.

Q: Is there a danger of burning the skin when using the HALO Systems Violet light device?
A: The HALO Systems light device is extremely powerful and should never come into direct contact with any skin surface or shined directly into open eyes. Keep the unit at least one inch from the body part and move back and forth over the area of interest to avoid any undesired heating of skin area.

Q: Should I or my patients/clients wear eye protection when using the lights?
A: As mentioned earlier in the User Manual, both the operator and the patient/client should wear polarized sunglasses while operating the light to avoid the possibility of temporary flash blindness from either direct or reflected white light off the patient/client skin or any other reflective surface. Do not shine the light directly in the eyes of a patient/client as it is too bright and could cause temporary flash blindness or discomfort. Do not stare directly into the Violet light and have the patient/client close their eyelids when shining the Violet light on their eyelids or close to their eyes. Use common sense when operating the HALO Light Systems device. Re-read the warnings and cautionary statements in the beginning of the User Manual for more on this.

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