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Restoring Vitality Through Meridian Stress Assessment (biofeedback),
PEMF Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath Detoxes & More!

PEMF Therapy is also offered as a solution to aches and pains,
increasing mobility as well as general detoxification.

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We've heard so many wonderful stories from so many people on how our aloe-based products have improved overall skin health, we want to share L'BRI with everyone, everywhere!

Brain Therapy

We now offer BrainTherapy !

Muse is a research - grade EEG device that passively sences your brain activity, much like the heart rate monitor. It uses 7 calibrated sensors to detect and measure the activity of your brain. This alos includes an Emotional scan. This is good for memory and relaxing the brain. 

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Introductory Pricing for a Limited Time! 

Pricing // $25, time of services vary. 

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