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PEMF Therapy is also offered as a solution to aches and pains,
increasing mobility as well as general detoxification.

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We've heard so many wonderful stories from so many people on how our aloe-based products have improved overall skin health, we want to share L'BRI with everyone, everywhere!

Anovite Products


Colostrum is a food produced by all mammals. Anovite's Colostrum6 is bovine colostrum, which is 99% bioidentical to human colostrum. It is extremely potent & the most effective colostrum on the market because it is the only colostrum certified by a third-party to be pure, & is obtained within the first 6 hours of colostrum production. Anovite's Colostrum6 is never diluted with transitional milk, nor is the "good fat" that contains all the vital nutrients removed from it. 

Strawberry Colostrum6 Tablets 180 Count

Designed for the young, these candy-like, chewable Colostrum6 tablets are a 200mg serving of Colostrum. 

Colostrum6 Powder 2lbs, 1lb, 6.5oz, & 2.5oz

You can take it by the spoonful, mix it into a smoothie, or sprinkle it onto your food at mealtime!

OxyQuest 2 fl. oz.

This stabilized, liquid oxygen, contains only negatively charged electrolytes of molecular oxygen which the body can utilize many ways.

LeptiTrim6-Daytime. 180 Count

Designed to give your body & will power 100% support when you need it most so you can try & achieve your weight loss goal. 

LeptiTrim6 Shakes (Vanilla/Chocolate) 1.9lb.

With 28 grams of protein per drink, satisfy a healthy portion of your protein needs. Only 150 calories, with protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals. 

Flex6. 180 Count

Designed for enhancing athletic performance. May be used whether you are seeking endurance, building lean muscle or desire a faster recovery.

LimuZ6. 30 Count

A blend of Acai Berry pulp, Fucoidan, Laminaria Japonica, Fucoxanthin, Colostrum6, Zeolite & Acetyl-L-Carnitine. A dynamo of anti-aging factors for lending the body a hand with healthy nervous, endocrine, immune & aging systems. 

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