*  I describe this technique as a combination of reflexology, massage and
    chiropractic.  It is a full body alignment - vertebral and non-vertebral, using energy and
    movement to align the body - non-invasive, yet effective.

Neuro-Muscular Therapy is a form of NET (Natural Electro-Magnetic Therapy).   This is a series of techniques that promote natural health and body resoration by elevating the electrical energies of the human to their highest levels.

Every living body has an electrical potential, which is determined by the quality of electrolytic solution of the body's fluids.  This electric potential charges and activates all bodily funtions.  Electricity flows not only in the nervous system but also through the circulatory and energetic meridian systems.  This flow of electricity creates a magnetism that has a dramatic effect on the enzymatic activity of the body, which is essential to the proper functioning of every cell in the tissues of the body.

Disease and physical deficiencies are commonly a product of a degenerated nervous system which is often responsible for poor circulation.  NET techniques can clear neural pathways and facilitate te reconnection of severed or broken nerves.  Stimulation of specific nerves can tack up fallen organs such as the kidneys, bladder, colon and uterus.

Organs and glands CAN be regenerated, reactivated, and cleansed by a directed flush of blood being moved into and out of specific areas.  Using a similar method can dissolve tumors.

Healing happens from the inside out.  Death and disease are the results of an over-polluted toxic body.  We die from the feet up; we cleanse and restore circulatory vitality from the head down.  This technique removes the roadblocks that restrict the body's own tremendous healing capacities.